Direct Store Delivery

The Direct Store Delivery industry is all about mobility, not only are the products and workers mobile, but the tools to be successful need to be too.  With companies requiring more and more Real-Time Information (Inventory, Invoicing, Ordering) and on-the-spot documentation, a worker needs to be able to send and receive information from SAP® software, ASAP!  Utilizing BCCD’s TranASAP & QuickPrint software and Zebra wireless mobile barcoding devices, workers can use application specific mobile barcoding technology to communicate in real-time to and from their SAP® software system.  BCCD can provide the mobile tools necessary to get the job done quickly and accurately with barcode scanning and on the spot barcode label printing.

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Sample Solution

BCCD knows each solution is unique and our extensive experience will make sure that your company has the best solution for you!