Experts in Optimizing Inventory Control & Tracking, Supply Chain Management, Mobility, and Automatic Identification & Data Capture.

BCC Distribution, Inc. (BCCD) helps companies achieve maximum ROI, and operate at optimum efficiency. With a very diverse customer portfolio and decades of SAP® ERP, RF scanning and barcoding experience, BCCD has successfully implemented turn-key barcode printing and mobile RF data collection solutions for nearly every industry, while staying focused on the fundamental methodology of understanding each organization’s objectives and focus.

BCCD’s SAP® ERP and AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) experience, state-of-the-art solutions, and dedicated customer support provide transformational results and turn-key business solutions that deliver hard-dollar cost savings and ROI. BCCD and our long-time business partnerships have established us a trusted partner for companies large and small.

By taking the time to understand your business, BCCD is able to deliver best-practice solutions that enable companies to achieve significant efficiency gains as they continue to grow. We collaborate with you to understand and define your objectives, targeting immediate pain-points, and then design a certified and reliable industry solution to achieve your business goals.

Manufacturing & Warehousing
Improve business operations with RF barcode scanning, barcode printing, & RFID.
Improve productivity, accuracy and cycle time, all while increasing ease-of-use.
Increased visibility for incoming raw materials, simplified compliance labeling, and fast training.
Pharmaceutical & Biotech
Point-to-point product tracking to help meet compliance and regulatory requirements.
Consumer Products
Easy refurbishment, Lot traceability, and Batch tracking to process orders faster.
Improved inventory accuracy for JIT (Just-In-Time) and WIP (Work-In-Process) supply chains.
Transportation & Logistics
Efficient tracking of materials through the supply chain and distribution process.
Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
Send and receive information quickly, including on-the-spot printing.
Field Mobility
Design and delivery of industry-leading data communication solutions for field workers.

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