SAP Integrated Software

TranASAP, by BCC Distribution, is a SAP-certified, pre-configured software product for inventory control that mobilizes and automates SAP software transactions for RF scanning, data collection and barcode label printing.  The TranASAP software solution combines BCCD’s optimized software transactions, RF scanning and barcode printing equipment, combined with SAP ECC 6.0 and SAP S/4HANA software AND inventory control best practices.

With over 250 pre-configured transactions, TranASAP software has been designed to automate and optimize SAP software’s IM, WM, EWM and Production modules so as to: increase business efficiencies, maximize inventory accuracy, reduce operational and warehousing costs, as well as ensure successful user adoption.

TranASAP replaces error-prone and time consuming manual pen and paper processes with an advanced data collection and validation solution using certified mobile RF scanners, tablets, vehile-mounted terminals, and/or wearables devices.  Nearly every SAP software transaction that is used to Receive, Move, Identify, Track, Pick and Pack, Count and Ship inventory can be mobilized and automated using TranASAP software transactions that are easily configured to meet the unique requirements of nearly any application.

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QuickPrint, by BCC Distribution, is a simple to use, turn-key, transactional barcode label printing software system that integrates directly to SAP S/4HANA® & SAP ECC® software systems, built on both inventory and warehouse management standards, as well as enterprise printing best practices.  QuickPrint transactions are designed for SAP-integrated and real-time validation functionality to enable automated barcode label printing of linear (1D) and 2D (QR code) barcode labels, documents, forms, or RFID tags, and to include the identification of Batch, LOT, Serial Numbers, Handling Units, Storage Units, Label Pallet Numbers, and other unique data required to identify inventory materials- be it finished goods, raw materials, and/or consumable supplies.

QuickPrint is designed to solve the following issues caused from using complex SAP software print integration like SAPscript and Smart Forms:

  • SPEED and EASE to change and add a label format (including 1D & 2D barcodes).
  • FLEXIBILITY to utilize and add different (nearly any) printers.
  • COST of integrating real-time SAP software data with a barcode label and making changes.
  • TECHNICAL PROGRAMMING required to make any type of label or printing change.

QuickPrint makes it easy to design, maintain and print and reprint barcode labels from SAP software.  QuickPrint delivers immediate return on investment (ROI), and is designed to allow for integration with SAP GUI, SAP Mobile RF Transactions, and TranASAP (BCCD’s optimized SAP RF transactions for Inventory Management- IM, Warehouse Management- WM, and Extended Warehouse Management- EWM).

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