SAP Integrated Software

BCC Distribution, Inc. has developed a real-time, directly connected, automated data collection software that utilizes SAP® ERP transactions in a mobile “Easy to Use” environment.  That software is called TranASAP™.

With over 200 pre-configured transactions, TranASAP software has been designed to automate and optimize SAP® ERP’s IM, WM, EWM and Production Modules so as to: increase business efficiencies, maximize inventory accuracy, along with reducing operational and warehousing costs.

TranASAP replaces pen and paper with advanced data capture and validation using a mobile RF scanning terminal.  Every SAP® ERP transaction that is used to receive, move, identify, track, pick, count and ship inventory can be replaced with mobilized TranASAP software transactions that may be enhanced to meet the unique requirements of nearly any application.

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BCC Distribution, Inc. delivers complete integrated barcode printing solutions that comprise complete enterprise-level system solutions that utilize RF scanning and SAP® integration and which may include decentralized, stand-alone printing functionality.  BCCD has developed PrintASAP, barcode label, document and form printing made simple for SAP®.

BCCD develops and delivers printing solutions utilizing SAP’s native SAP® Script and Smart Forms tools.  For companies that require a more flexible, user friendly (WYSIWYG) software solution with advanced and reliable functionality that integrates with SAP® ERP; BCCD can install, integrate, program and support BarTender label design and printing software.

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