BCC Distribution provides T&M and Fixed-Priced onsite and remote SAP® based consulting on the following areas: SAP® IM/MM, WM & Production Modules, Inventory Management best practices, Warehouse Management best practices, and more.  Contact us today to get a complete list of Professional Technical Consulting Services available from BCC Distribution.

Hardware Staging

BCC Distribution offers staging services for new hardware purchases or returns from the repair depot, freeing up your IT staff from having to setup and configure your mobile RF scanning and printing equipment.  BCCD will test, and configure your equipment to your specifications so that it’s ‘out of the box’ ready for use in your production environment.

SAP® Software Design/Blueprinting

The key to BCCD’s success is through the delivery of its analysis and design services (Blueprint) prior to every software development. “A house or building should not be built without an architectural drawing and nor should software!”  Projects large and small, one transaction or 100, BCCD always delivers a hard copy Blueprint of the desired software solution.  This is done for 2 main reasons: 1- Verify that both the customer and the vendor completely agree to what the exact functional delivery will be, and 2- for the purpose of a guarantee.  BCCD always guarantees that the delivered functionality of its software will match the agreed upon Blueprint functionality.

Software Development

BCC Distribution delivers T&M and Fixed-Priced onsite and remote SAP® based programming and development.  Some of the Professional Programming & Development Skills BCCD delivers include, but are not limited to: SAP® ABAP | Console | ITSmobile | Fiori | .NET | BarTender Design & Integration | HTML | Java

Support (SupportLine)

SupportLine is a separate department of BCC Distribution with the sole function of supporting existing BCCD customers that have questions, concerns or issues with a BCCD deliverable.  A BCCD deliverable can include (together or separately) barcode hardware, data collection related software, maintenance, and technical services sold.


BCC Distribution provides T&M and Fixed-Priced onsite and remote training for all of its deliverables, such as:1-on-1 User or Technician Training, Group Setting Training,Train the Trainer, and Skill Transfer Training.  Contact BCCD today to learn more about the Professional Training BCCD offers for your team to acquire the expertise and experience necessary for your business.

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