Equipment Maintenance


Maximize Uptime & Operational Performance with Equipment Maintenance

Every day, your business depends on your mobile RF terminals, barcode scanners, barcode printers, and other barcoding technologies to keep your business up and running efficiently. Ensure you get the predictable and dependable performance you need to maximize device uptime and return on investment for your hardware with equipment maintenance and support services offered by BCC Distribution. Specific to the level of service you need, BCCD has the right solution to support your critical operations and help improve business uptime.

To support the diverse needs of our customers, BCC Distribution offers maintenance for several equipment manufacturers. Please contact BCCD for more information about maintenance specific to your hardware and business needs.

• Zebra (Motorola/Symbol)• Sato America• Datamax-O’Neil • Xplore
• Honeywell (Intermec/LXE)• Datalogic• Extreme Wireless• Cisco


Zebra’s OneCare Maintenance & Support – At A Glance

  Enterprise/Mobile RF Terminals   Printers – Stationary & Mobile
  View Enteprise OneCare   View Printer OneCare

RMA’s & Online Repair Service Portals

To help BCCD existing customers navigate Zebra and Honeywell’s process to submit repair return requests (RMAs) online, below are shortcuts for our customers to access Zebra and Honeywell’s respective online repair services portals.

Zebra Repair Portal    |  Request a Repair/RMA via Zebra’s Online Repair Services Portal

Honeywell RMA Portal   |  Request a Repair/RMA via Honeywell’s Online Portal

Contact BCCD   |  Contact BCC Distribution for Other Maintenance, RMA, or Support Assistance

Equipment Staging

BCC Distribution offers staging services for new hardware purchases or returns from the repair depot, freeing up your IT and support staff from having to setup and configure your mobile RF scanning and printing equipment. BCCD will test, and configure your equipment to your specifications so that it’s ‘out of the box’ ready for use in your production environment.  Contact BCCD to learn more about BCCD’s Staging Services.

BCCD Staging Services