7 Critical Reasons to Upgrade to the Zebra MC9300 Mobile Computer

If you’re still using Zebra MC9090, MC9190, and MC92N0 RF barcode scanning terminals with Windows CE and Windows Mobile 6.5, it’s time to upgrade to the Zebra MC9300 with Android Enterprise operating system (OS).

Why should you migrate to the latest Zebra technology?

Take a look at the top seven reasons.

1. Fully Supported OS

By the end of 2020, all Windows embedded handheld devices will have reached the end of their lifespans. Businesses continuing to use Windows mobile OS will not have access to updates or security patches, increasing lag time, decreasing functionality, and opening their databases to a heightened risk of hacking.

To provide the functionality and security you need, the Zebra MC9300 comes with a fully supported Android enterprise-grade OS, and Zebra’s LifeGuard for Android provides extensive security support for every day your equipment is in service.

2. Mobility Extensions for Enhanced Control

Zebra’s Android devices boast Mobility Extensions (Mx) and utilities that give you complete control over your devices, apps, users, and connections, while also providing security on par with Microsoft and support for all levels of accessibility.

3. Mobility DNA to Improve Performance

The genetic code in Zebra mobile computers, Mobility DNA transforms the Android OS into an enterprise-ready force that boosts productivity, simplifies application management, and seamlessly integrates with other programs.

4. Worry-Free WiFi

A free Mobility DNA tool, Worry-Free WiFi ensures continuous connectivity, eliminating delays in application response time, providing unmatched roaming performance, and safeguarding voice quality.

5. Rugged Design for Cold Chain Environments

When you’re working in refrigerators, freezers, cold warehouses, outdoor yards in winter, and other cold environments, you need equipment that works reliably in low temperatures and that can handle quick transitions between extreme temperatures and humidity levels.

In cold chain environments, ice builds up on keyboards, displays become foggy, batteries drain faster, and applications often become unresponsive. To safeguard the efficiency of your workflows, the Zebra MC9300 Freezer features rugged materials, freezer-rated batteries and condensation-free screens with integrated heaters designed to thrive in cold chain environments, and it boasts special usability features to accommodate workers in gloves.

6. Direct Part Mark Scanning Technology

Direct scanning technology allows you to create unique permanent identifiers that let you trace vital parts so that you can adhere to regulations, maintain public safety, and facilitate recall capabilities. More efficient and reliable than paper records, DPM technology can be vital in environments too harsh for traditional labeling methods, and it’s ideal on hard or soft surfaces that resist etching or on parts too small for barcodes.

Featuring advanced decode algorithms, specialized imaging engines, and patented light diffuser technology, the Zebra MC9300 can scan direct part marks reliably, and it can easily read 1D and 2D barcodes even if they are poorly printed, dirty, smudged, or shrink wrapped.

7. Generous Trade-In Offers

To help you offset the cost of migrating to more powerful equipment, the GO Zebra Trade-In Program lets you earn $50 to $600 rebates on old equipment.

Ready to improve security, boost efficiency, and streamline workflows? Then, upgrade your legacy barcode scanning equipment to the Zebra MC9300 with Android Enterprise operating system today.

At BCC, we provide the solutions you need to improve logistics. To learn more about the benefits of upgrading your scanning equipment, visit our website or contact us today.

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