SAP Integrated Software

BCC DISTRIBUTION, INC. has developed a real-time, directly connected, automated data collection software that utilizes SAP® ERP transactions in a mobile “Easy to Use” environment.

BCCD’s TranASAP Software is comprised of over 180 customized and standardized SAP® inventory based transactions designed to be deployed onto mobile Android, CE, Windows Mobile and Windows 10 hand held, tablet and vehicle terminals.

TranASAP has been designed to automate and optimize SAP® ERP’s IM, WM, EWM and Production Modules so as to: increase business efficiencies, maximize inventory accuracy, along with reducing operational and warehousing costs. TranASAP has group its mobile transactions in the following categories:1. Receiving of Inventory: Example – 1 step or 2 step to include put away2. Inventory Movements: Example – Sloc to Sloc and Bin to Bin3. Issuing of Inventory4. Production: Example – Labor Tracking and Production Counts5. Picking and Delivery: Example – Directed Picking by location, batch & lot6. Counting: Example: Physical Inventory and Cycle Count7. Inquiry: Example: By Location and by material number8. Printing: Example: Inventory label (raw and finished goods), Handling Unit Label and Pick Slip

The TranASAP Software has four versions: ITSmobile (Web Browser), Console (Telnet), .NET Connector (Middleware utilizing SQL) and Fiori.

TranASAP takes the pen and paper out of material handlers hand and replaces them with a mobile RF scanning terminal. Every SAP® ERP transaction that is used to receive, track, count and ship inventory can be replaced with mobilized TranASAP Software Transactions that can and/or will be enhanced to me the unique requirements of the client.

The key to TranASAP is that the software has been designed to validate, in real-time, as the inventory is being scanned, that the information is correct specific to that order and that customer.

TranASAP’s mobile transactions delivers ease of use on the shop and warehouse floors through:• Minimizing the number of screens to use for a single transaction• Minimizing the amount of words and letters on a mobile screen• Minimizing the need to use a key board, thus speeding up time to complete a transaction.• Combining inventory tasks together to eliminate the need for manual data entry, as well as walking back and forth to the office.

BCCD has also included into the solution a complete SAP® integrated barcode printing system. BCCD has 3 versions which consists of SAP® Script, Smart Forms and Bartender. Bartender is a very easy to use Barcode Label Design Software Package that integrates to SAP® ERP and prints inventory labels as well as forms.