SupportLine is a dedicated department of BCC Distribution with the sole function of supporting existing BCCD customers that have questions, concerns or issues with a BCCD deliverable. A BCCD deliverable can include (together or separately) barcode hardware, data collection related software, maintenance, and technical services sold.

Delivering One Stop Shopping for Hardware, Software, Services and Support!

SupportLine is the one point of contact for BCCD’s customers. Customer issues are delivered to the correct resources quickly, and tracked until completion.

• Technical questions on hardware/software
• Software issues (PTFs)
• Order tracking
• Invoicing issues
• Repairs/Returns of Hardware/Software Products (facilitate process between end user and manufacturer)
• And more… 

When contacting SupportLine, please provide the following information:

• Your Name
• Company Name
• Return Telephone Number & Email Address
• Description of Support Needed (including model and serial number – if applicable)

Once contact is made with SupportLine, they will get back to you within 2 hours with a case number and/or a resolution.  Most cases are solved in Level 1- Level 1 is a phone or e-mail resolution through BCCD.  If Level 2 is necessary, BCCD’s SupportLine will forward the case to the appropriate technical entity that has the expertise needed for the specific product or software.  In the event where the fix to the product is not part of original deliverable, out of warranty or does not have valid maintenance, SupportLine will forward a proposal to accomplish the fix.

Contact SupportLine:
Via Phone: +1.877.770.SCAN | +1.877.770.7226 (extension 400)
Via Email: