About BCC Distribution

For over 21 years, BCC Distribution has been the premier provider of complete data collection solutions that integrate barcode scanning automation into a company’s business system. BCC Distribution offers clients best-of-breed mobile terminals, scanners, printers and wireless infrastructures along with the state of the art software and technical services to deliver best practice solutions. By bringing all of our strengths to the table – hardware distributor, software developer and systems integrator, BCCD is able to deliver specific barcode and RFID solutions that meet the unique requirements of manufacturers and distributors.

BCCD Solutions Automates the Following Functions:

– Shipping & Receiving- Work in Progress (WIP) & MES- Production & Shop Floor- Direct Store Delivery (DSD), Field Service & CRM- Lot Traceability & Inventory Control- Warehouse Management- Supply Chain

BCCD Locations:

– Headquarters – Canton, Michigan- Atlanta Georgia with “Representation in: Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, Cleveland, OH and Chicago, IL.”

BCCD Automates Inventory Control for SAP® ERP